Protecting Gull Lake for the Future

by The Gull Lake Watershed Society, “GLWS”

This volunteer society was formed in the mid-1990s and incorporated as a non-profit in 2000. Since the beginning it has been involved in various initiatives as follows:

  • Gull Lake water is sampled and analyzed at least every two years and the Society keeps the historical records
  • We educate those living around the lake on avoiding activities that will tend to degrade the lake.

Some of the key aspects we promote are:

  • Minimizing fertilizer use on lawns and golf courses. This avoids algae production. 
  • Avoiding the use of septic tanks; new lake developments require sewage treatment.
  • Maintaining the majority of the lakeshore in a natural state lined with reeds and aquatic vegetation that helps to maintain the lake in a healthy state.
  • Monitoring the level stabalization pumping from the Blindman River into the lake. It has not been necessary to pump since 2011 as the lake has stayed above the trigger level. Various streams that enter the lake are vegetated to filter out sediment or nutrients. 
  • Developing projects such as stream bed restoration and settling basins.
  • Reviewing and commenting on the environmental aspects of new develpments.

Fortunately Gull Lake water quality has stayed consistent for many years and it has avoided the algae issues suffered by other Alberta lakes.

Our Society depends on volunteers and donations.

It is free to join. We maintain a website at which describes our activities in more detail and provides contact information for the key officers and directors. 

Please consider joining and supporting the future of Gull Lake.