The Art of Preaching


On Sunday, the new young pastor arrived at church and found only an old farmer had shown up. After

waiting a while, the disappointed pastor remarked to the old farmer, "Well, it appears no one else is coming, so we should probably cancel service today."

The farmer, dressed in his Sunday best, looked at the young preacher and said, "Well, I don’t know much 'bout preachin', but I do know something bout farmin' and if I went out in the field and found only one cow, I'd still feed 'em."

This excited the young preacher who preached for the next 45 minutes a fierce fire and brimstone sermon.

Afterwards the pastor asked the old farmer what he thought. 

The old farmer remarked, “well pastor, I don't know much bout preachin', but I do know somethin’ 'bout farmin' and if I went out in the field and found only one cow, I wouldn't give her the whole bale."

j© Henry Saley 2013